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Personalized Psychotherapy and Medical Care

Diagnose and Clarify

personalized in-home medical care

Paragon Insights provides personalized, in-home care in the fields of Psychology and Internal Medicine. We strive to provide solutions and family support for a range of medical and psychological issues. With a high level of expertise and education, Paragon Insights seeks to treat patients who struggle with standard medical care, due to complicated diagnoses, treatment-resistant issues, and health conditions that require combined medical and psychological expertise. We offer services in-home, online, and in an office setting. 

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Paragon Insights Services

Dementia Care

Treatment Resistant Depression

Addiction Recovery

We can treat Dementia patients with individual care plans, medication recommendations, and family support.

For patients who have tried medication and therapeutic treatment without success, we can provide alternatives.

We can provide patient-centered psychotherapy and medication-assisted treatments for addiction. 


complicated diagnoses

SLeep issues

We offer targeted ECT for treatment of depression and other mental health issues.

We can help with diagnoses of rare conditions that require the expertise of a physician skilled in both psychological and medical diseases. 

We can assist with medication and psychotherapy for insomnia and sleep regulation difficulties.

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